Trust Administration

The duties and responsibilities of a Trustee are often significant, long-term, and complex. We represent and guide individual and professional Trustees in the administration of trusts. We advise Trustees about the entire administration process, including making distributions to trust beneficiaries, funding sub-trusts, managing trust assets, and fulfilling fiduciary obligations. When needed we provide counsel to help build positive relationships between Trustees and trust beneficiaries. We also provide guidance to Trustees about various tax issues. We offer specific counsel to Trustees about funding and administering life insurance trusts and Crummey trusts.

We have experience working with Trustees, trust beneficiaries, and charitable organizations to modify irrevocable trusts through trust decantings, non-judicial settlement agreements, and actions for cy pres or equitable deviation.

At tax time, we work alongside accountants and financial advisors who may prepare fiduciary income tax returns.